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"nobody has this much fun without a bit of trauma!"

narrated by a cat called ritalin, 'moles' is a queer rock musical about a very complicated threesome.

drag queen stevie and their partner genny stand on the cliff of graduation, while fresher maria becomes enamoured with the couple. confused about their gender and their place in the world, maria toes the line between being the missing ingredient for genny and stevie, and their most explosive detonator.

✵ in february 2022, a (music- and choreo-free) extract from moles was selected to be a part of an LGBTQIA+ showcase at the corpus playroom in cambridge.

✵ the full-length play is currently in development

STEVIE - perrin ford
GENNY - colin hood

MARS -  jam greenland

WRITER/DIRECTOR - penn balint

mood board.

Source: Pinterest.

the world of 'moles' is a liminal party space. it's choreographed hurt and strung-out connections...and the most sparkling you've ever seen yourself.

© 2022 the yoko situation

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