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moments i saw in red

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created (directed, written, produced, shot, edited, audio performed) by penn bálint

✵ featuring yana larkhanidi



"i think i'm a boy, or something else that i'm not supposed to be"

'moments i saw in red' is an experimental short film exploring the relationship between trauma, synaesthesia, and art. shot on 8mm film, the film follows the story of a person with ptsd and synaesthesia who is recounting their memories associated with the color red.

synaesthesia is a rare neurological condition, whereby the senses get crossed and one might perceive things like colors or sounds while seeing or hearing other things. for the protagonist of 'moments', their memories of crossing calais, a school crush, and realising they're trans all get "filed" under the colour red.

the film's unique use of 8mm film, original music, and a spoken word voiceover guides the audience through the protagonist's journey, as they meditate on their experiences and find a way to heal through artistic expression.

upcoming screenings:


past screenings:

✵ 21 march 24. - bfi flare film festival  - london, uk

✵ 16 march 24. - oska bright film festival - brighton, uk

✵ 2 march 24. - norwich queer international festival of film  - norwich, uk

✵ 15-20 dec 23. - grrl haus cinema best of 2023 - online

✵ 12 oct 23. - queer film festival munich - munich, germany

23 sept 23. - darkroom film festival - london, uk

2 sept 23. - grrl haus cinema - berlin, germany

✵ 6 july 23. - queer vision film festival - bristol, uk

✵ 16 june 23. - library lates - exeter, uk

✵ 13 may 23. - cine sisters sw film festival - plymouth arts cinema, uk

✵ 4 may 23. - taphouse film club screening event - newton abbot, uk

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