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soviet fantasia

SF poster V1.png

✵ hajnal - elizabeth kate weber

✵ poet - zsófi kemény

✵ director - penn bálint

✵ writer - penn bálint
with zsófi kemény

✵ 1st assistant director and associate producer- jacob saul

✵ 2nd assitant director - miruna tiberiu

✵ executive producers - luke jeffery, exeter phoenix

✵ cinematographer - dániel misota

✵ choreographer - ffion godwin

✵ composer - sarolta szécsi

what's it like to long for a place you've always wanted to leave?


hajnal has never known anything but the cross-generational desire to leave their home for a better life in the west. as their national identity merges with an atmosphere of hopelessness and marginalisation, they vow to leave it all behind and not only start a new life but become a new person in britain. dogged by the fragments of who they once were, hajnal must learn to reconcile their fear of ostracisation with their need for authenticity. 


soviet fantasia is a love letter to queer eastern europeans, who might struggle to connect with their home in the face of a persistent attack on their human rights. the film is a declaration that we not only exist, but we can also lay claim to our national heritage while being proud of who we are.

soviet fantasia was commissioned by exeter phoenix 


we raised £821 of our £750 funding goal on kickstarter! thank you so much to everyone who shared and supported! :)

photos from set

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