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teddy midnight


"do you ever feel like everything is rushing all the time, except for this pit that is always there to some extent, this painful longing for something and it only goes away when you eat too much or sit in the sun or kiss someone who doesn't hate you yet?"

‘teddy midnight’ is a new dramedy play by the yoko situation -

a love story from the perspective of a so-called manic pixie dream girl. the story explores how society, cishet men, and even neurodivergent women themselves cultivate this trope and the magic mirrors of navigating a relationship defined by it.

✵ in october 2022, we completed a week-long r&d residency at exeter phoenix, culminating in a sharing session, the recording of which can be viewed below

✵ the full-length play is currently in development

dylan - georgina mckay
ted - ethan mclucas


writer/director - penn balint
assistant director - august jane
associate director - joseph leyland

© 2024 the yoko situation

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